London: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's personal details have been stolen by computer hackers, a media report said.

Details of a file containing the Blair's National Insurance number and the addresses of friends, colleagues and relatives began circulating on micro-blogging site 'Twitter' - even contact details for relatives of the former Premier and his wife Cherie were also included, a newspaper reported.

A note at the top of the file read: "The information in this article was obtained in 2010 December. We still have access to the webmail server. Phone numbers may have changed but all the information is 100 percent legit."

A member of a group of computer hackers known as Team Poison tweeted: "Tony Blair's Private Info is getting leaked tonight, so is his Personal Advisors CV and UK MPs & Lords who supported the war in Iraq."

Blair's office, however, said the data had not been obtained from his own systems but probably from that of a former colleague.

"This information has not been obtained from Tony Blair or any of his office systems. This appears to be information from the personal email account of a former member of staff from a few years ago," a spokesman for the former Premier was quoted as saying.