London: Singer Jennifer Lopez has said that the personal video which her first husband Ojani Noa is trying to sell does not have any intimate scenes.
It is reported that the 41-year-old singer, who split from Noa after less than a year of marriage in 1998, is upset that her ex-husband would try to do such a thing.

Although Noa has been banned from releasing the tape, which reportedly contains 27 hours of footage, Lopez thinks it is "horrible" her first husband is trying to sell a "personal" video.
"My first husband has tapes of us from our life. It's horrible. It's horrible someone would try to sell personal things, but there's nothing on it. There's no sex tape," Lopez said.

The intimate video recently went missing, with Noa's girlfriend Claudia Vazquez claiming his manager Ed Meyer took it from their house without permission.

However, the recording has since been recovered, with Meyer handing it over to Lopez's attorney Jay Lavley.