London: The adage ‘Dogs are a man’s best friend’ holds true as the pet can smell their owners’ aggression and quickly diffuse the situation.

According to a book, while many human leaders assert their authority by being confrontational and argumentative, the top dog in a pack is invariably the most patient and least aggressive.

The book-'Clever Dog: Life Lessons from Man's Best Friend' is penned by Ryan O'Meara.

The dog in many respects is able to deceive its owners into making them believe what they want to believe, in order to avoid any trouble. When you come home and the post has all been chewed up, the owner will immediately blame the dog. The dog will invariably give that hang dog look and the owner will say 'he knows what he's done, he feels guilty.’

"Guilt is a very complex emotion and I don't think a dog can feel guilty, but what they can do it instantly recognise their owner is upset with them and go into that submissive mode because they know it will work. The owner sees all these positive signals and there is no dispute," a daily quoted the author as saying.

O'Meara said that, unlike with humans, the dogs that rise to the top of the pack do so by showing similar traits of patience and submission.