Faizabad (UP):  A petition has been filed against yoga guru Ramdev in a local court, seeking registration of a criminal case against him for his alleged statement over organising a revolt against the government on the lines of Libya and Syria.

Additional Civil Judge Bhagirathi Varma, while admitting the petition on Wednesday filed by social worker Mohammad Ali, scheduled the matter for hearing on November 21.

In his complaint, Ali charged Ramdev with conspiring a bloody revolt against the government on the lines of Syria and Libya.

"Ramdev is trying to mobilise the public for a revolt on the lines of Libya and Syria where bloody revolt took place and many died. He is insisting the members of public to come out for such revolts to end the corruption, this is no way to end the corruption by creating war and bloody revolt against the elected government," Ali said.

Ali claimed he had filed the petition after reading media reports on Ramdev's alleged statement in a public meeting in Varanasi on November 13.