New Delhi (JPN/Bureau): After the Supreme Court came down heavily on the government in the phone tapping case, it has now started cleaning up process on a new level. In this regard Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar submitted a report on the matter to PM Manmohan Singh on Tuesday.

The report has suggested various measures to improve the procedure for taking and granting permission for phone tapping. PM had asked the secretary to prepare a comprehensive report on the issue after Opposition demanded probe into how some political-commercial conversations were tapped and leaked to media.

The report suggests that all states should also submit their own reports on the issue to the Centre.

Meanwhile, Union Home Secretary Gopal K Pillai said all the interception of phones as well as e-mails follow the prescribed procedures and the judgement of the Supreme Court
and the rules laid down under the Telegraph Act.

"We not only have the Union Home Secretary and state Home Secretaries authorising the interception of telephones, we also have an oversight committee which is headed by the
Cabinet Secretary with Law Secretary and the Telecom Secretary (as its members)," he said on the sidelines of a function here.

Pillai said the committee looks after each of the order passed by the Union Home Secretary or in case of the state by the state Home Secretary.