Documents released by Clinton's Presidential library show the two leaders conferring on world events and comparing notes on how to balance being a world leader with bringing up a family.

The 500 pages of the documents begin with Clinton calling the new prime minister hours after his 1997 victory and end in late 2000 as the president was preparing to hand over the White House to George W Bush, the Daily Telegraph reported.

A keyphone call takes place on the day after the Princess Diana's fatal car crash in Paris in the summer of 1997. Blair tells Clinton that her death is 'like a star falling'.

Both men express concern for Diana's two young sons, William and Harry.

Blair says: "She was such a rock of stability in the sense she connected them with the outside world. The eldest boy, William, is quite like her in a way, he is very 'feet on the ground'. He does things kids his age do."

As Blair's wife Cherie prepares to give birth to his son Leo, Clinton greets him by saying: "Hello, dad!"

Clinton, whose time in office is drawing to a close, offers the Blairs a helping hand.

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