Beijing: A micro blogging site in China has created a sensation in the web world these days, all thanks to a photograph showing a man posing with an ‘alien’s dead body’.

The man claims that he brought the body along with him and preserved it in refrigerator in March when an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashed near his house.

The image uploaded by Li on internet has revived the age-old discussion over existence of aliens and UFOs.

Li, a resident of Shandong province of China, claims that he saw several UFOs flying across Yellow River of Binzhou province. All of a sudden, he saw a UFO crash on the ground which eventually got charred. Li further claims to have seen the dead body of the alien which he brought to his home and kept it in a refrigerator.

The image has generated immense speculations and excitement among netizens. Though they are busy discussing about the existence of aliens, Binzhou Police have contended the Li’s claims saying that the alien seems to be fake and made of rubber.

The Police mentioned on its micro-blog that the ‘charred alien’ is just a replica of alien which is made of high quality rubber. Several people in past have claimed to have seen aliens and UFOs and Li is another addition to that list.

Stories related to UFOs and aliens have always been a subject of intense interest and excitement amongst people.


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