Tumbhi.com, a leading online community for short-filmmakers, photographers, writers, actors, models, singers, music composers, lyricists, and scriptwriters and also for art lovers, has invited the ace photographer to conduct workshops.

Sharing his thoughts about the country, Los Angeles-based Versace described India as a meeting place of spirit and spice of life.

"The vibrancy of colour, both in the actual sense of the word and the 'colourfulness' of the people from inside out and outside in, is encouraging," Versace said.

"As the world becomes a smaller place because of the volume of people in it, the need increases to be found and effectively heard. I am delighted to be associated with Tumbhi.com and look forward to connect with the photography enthusiasts in next month," he added.

The photographer will conduct a three-day outdoor session in Benaras from September 20 where enthusiasts will get a chance to explore and experience fine art photography, bokeh (the aesthetic quality of the blur) and advanced black-and-white photo art.

In Kolkata and Mumbai, he will talk to photographers about better use of cameras, lenses and the post-processing choices.

The workshop in Kolkata is scheduled for Sep 24 and Sep 26 for Mumbai.


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