Speaking at a lecture 'Human Brain-Complexity Behind the Simplicity' at India International Center on Friday evening, Ravindranath said good physical health is very important for the brain.

"Physical health has profound impact on brain as physical activity generated more neurons and improve cognitive function," said Ravindranath from Centre for Neuroscience, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

The human brain is the interpreter of senses, controller of movement and in fact responsible for all we embrace as civilization.

It consists of about 100 billion nerve cells which are interconnected through a million billion connections measuring up to 3.2 million km of wiring. Ravindranath said that the brain also plays a role in deciding our social behaviour, emotions, anger and overall health.

"There is enormous interest and need to understand the brain. The European Union has initiated a study, Human Brain Project, worth millions of rupees early this year, followed by the US which is investing USD 100 million in a similar kind of project," she said.


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