Ghaziabad: Aiming to provide the benefits of physiotherapy to the poor patients, the government is thriving hard to make high-end health facilities available to them at minimal rates.

A meeting was held in this regard and the final process is expected to start from Monday. The hospital management believes that facility of neuropathy will be made available by the last week of February.

The scheme will be introduced in collaboration with a private medical college. The facilities of neuropathy and cardio therapy are being introduced at Community hospital, Sanjay Nagar in coordination with ITS Dental College.

In addition, spirometry to test lung capacity of asthama patients will also be started.

At present, the machines available at the hospital include: cervical traction for warm healing and neck pain, labour traction for back pain, shoulder wheel for treating arthritis shoulder, vibrator for muscle pain and other warm healing machines.

Under the new policy, spirometry to test lung capacity of Asthma patients and Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) for testing nerve stimulation and blood circulation of paralyzed patients will be made available for poor patients. Besides, nerve stimulator for treatment of mentally disabled patients will also be provided. 

According to Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. PK Shukla, the meeting has been held with the administration of ITS Dental College during which they claimed that the treatment will be provided free of cost at a user charge of Rs 30 for a fifteen day duration.