Piaggio India also imported the Vespa Sprint S 150 ABS from their Italian parent company for testing the scooter with the ABS feature in India. The sportier Primevera range of scooters isn’t made available for the Indian market yet.

The Vespa will probably turn out to be the first scooter in India to come equipped with an ABS, as it is a feature that is currently offered only in motorcycles. Piaggio might also want to equip the Vespa with ABS, as the feature will turn mandatory for vehicles powered by over 125 cc displacement from April 2018.

It is also said that instead of equipping the Vespa with ABS, Piaggio might also make the Vespa Sprint S 150 available in India with a launch. Piaggio will also carry out enough feasibility testing before launching either updated Vespa scooters with ABS or directly launching the Vespa Sprint S 150. However, for now, it is clear that Piaggio wants to update its scooters with more premium features. In addition to the Vespa, the Aprilia SR 150, due for launch next month, might also come equipped with the ABS safety feature later.

Story Credit: Vicky.in