Here are some useful tips to glam up old costumes to get a new look.

* Old tights with snags are a dream for Halloween. Cutting the toes off and wearing as a top provides the perfect basis for any costume, be it a black 'sexy' cat (stuff one for the tail too), black Witchy arms and legs with an old skirt or as the canvas for a skeleton with white painted on bones.

* For a Hulk or Frankenstein look, take any old, out of shape tee and make upward cuts all around the hem and sleeves. Pair with any old trousers, yours or someone else's, and cut up the legs into ribbons too. Shoes that are knackered and too big are brilliant for this look.

* For the best 17th century horror look, raid your grandma's drawers for petticoats. These tucked up at the front with fishnet tights and a basque make a great halloween look. Just think underwear as outerwear for this one.

* A classic zombie look is old pyjamas, cut upwards into tatters and even rolled in garden mud.


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