Apple: If your weight is around your middle, you're an apple shape. Look for loose fits that won't cling to your tummy, but will show off your arms and legs. Shift styles that hang away from the body will conceal any problem areas, and don't be afraid to go for something short.

Straight up and down: Are your bust and hips the same width with no obvious waist? You have a column build. Change that by investing in illusion dresses which transform your body shape by creating curves, slimming shoulders, and more.

Hourglass: A well-defined waist leaves you with an hourglass figure. Don't hide your curves, but highlight them with a dress that pulls you in at the middle and shows off your slimmest point. Look for belted designs or anything that emphasises your waistline.

Pear shapes carry weight on their hips and thighs and tend to have a trim waist and shapely shoulders. Sleeveless prom styles are a smart choice as they draw attention up while the full skirt will disguise any lumps and bumps below.


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