If you have doubt, scroll down and get some wonderful use of this dark coloured grape extract as hair and skin products:

1. With every passing day, wine facials are gaining popularity. They give a refreshing glow to the skin removing tan and blemishes. Red wine carries anti-ageing properties and therefore wine facial helps to regain your lost younghood. To get a fresh look, apply red wine on your face mix with fruits including strawberries and papaya. And see the magic.

2. Red wine mixed with scrubber are the latest edition in the beauty world. Mix  2 tablespoon red wine with 1 tablespoon of pip pulp and 1 tablespoon crushed grape skin and apply it on your face and body. This pest eliminates dead skin cells. It opens pours and helps the blood circultation to your skin.

3. Red wine is also full of antioxidents that plumps out wrinkles and also gives a healthy and glowing skin. Experts say that it also lightens pigmintation in skin. It  also reduces the chance of acne and other skin problems. For oily skin, it is also a good therapy.

5. Even if you are jealous seeing the glowing skin of your next cubicle colleague, we advise you not to do so. Apply two tablespoon red wine in cotton  after you wash your skin. Within two months, see the pinkish change on your cheeks.

6. Red wine also works effectively to protect ultraviolet radiation from the sun. So, it can be considered as the sunscreen lotion too.

7. Make a paste of red wine and an egg (only the white portion) and apply it daily to lighten your skin tone.

8. If you have the dry skin, massage with red wine to mosturise it.


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