Historian Babasaheb Purandare presented a copy of the book Shivaji, the Real Hero, a brief insight into the life of Shivaji Maharaj to leading NRI Labour MP Keith Vaz at an event in the Churchill Room of House of Commons last night.

Speaking on the occasion, Vaz, Chairman of the Britain's Home Affairs Committee, said he would order a copy of the book and keep it in the Library of the British Parliament so that MPs and Peers could have a glimpse of the rule of the Shivaji.

In his speech, Purandare suggested that the 88-page book should be published in all Indian languages.

He observed that there is a lack of enthusiasm among readers to buy books on erstwhile Indian rulers.

He noted that while a book on Nepolean was sold to the extent of 2.5 lakh copies, a book on Shivaji brought out a decade found hardly any buyers.

Though 5,000 copies of the book was ordered only 50 were sold, he claimed.

Shivaji, the Real Hero is the first book from the trilogy on the great Maratha ruler and it contains 100 paintings by artist Brijesh Mogre from Palghar in Maharashtra.

 In his Foreword, Purandare wrote, "Brijesh Mogre's unique conception of historical caricatures of Shivaji Maharaj is indeed an unparalleled form of Modern Art! He has handled the presentation of this unique art with meticulous proficiency and finesse."


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