Even the unprecedented petrol price hike has been making the headlines due to which the Central government is finding in awkward position to defend itself. But fact is that costly petrol coupled with skyrocketing inflation has affected the common man badly. Despite all the tall claims by the UPA government to reign in rising prices of commodities, inflation has increased putting the common man in an abysmal trouble. It is difficult to understand the logic behind the government move to increase prices of eatables and other essential commodities. The fact is that the first three years of UPA-II has witnessed higher inflation in comparison to the full term of UPA-I. It makes clear that government’s claim to check inflation proves hollow and it failed to check higher prices. People fail to understand that government’s effort continue to increase the inflation instead of lowering it down. If the government is not in a position to put a check on price rise, why does it keep on re-assuring the common man that it is making every effort to rein in inflation? Remarkably, there has been an unbelievable increase in the prices of edible oil, milk, vegetables and other commodities during the last one year. Along with increase in petrol prices, education, health facilities and transportation charges have become costlier. Therefore, it becomes incumbent upon the Central government as well as its policy makers to clarify as to why such thing is happening. It becomes essential to get an answer of this question as the common man is familiar with the fact that this year witnessed record output of wheat and other grains. Most probably, the brokers and black-marketers may responsible for unabated inflation?

Whatever the truth may have been, the Centre cannot ignore the fact that a major chunk of population living in rural and urban areas is being forced to spend 65 percent of their income on their fooding. It is unimaginable. Since these statistics are the findings of NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization), there is nothing to doubt its credibility. All the more if the Centre keeps sliding in its effort to curb inflation, it is sure to put the common man in deep trouble. If the government fails to check the inflation, the higher price rise will adversely affect the common man. It seems to be bizarre that the government, which retained its crown in 2009 on the plank of welfare of common man, has proved failure to address their problems. It’s meaningless to blame international obligation for unabated inflation in the country as it has proved that national circumstances are also equally responsible for the entire mess.  The statement bears no significance that international circumstances are solely responsible for the India’s economy problem. It will clearly reflect that government is distancing itself from the fact.