"'Pink' is no longer perhaps a colour. Pink no more connotes the favourite colour of a young girl and her Barbie doll. Pink means you have the freedom and liberty to walk at night. Women got the opportunity to speak out through this film," Bachchan told a press conference here.

Turning to 'Pink' actress Taapsee Pannu, who was sitting by his side, Bachchan said, "You know what experiences she went through while travelling in DTC buses but she did not muster the courage to protest. The film will now teach girls like her to go to police station and lodge protest. This is the victory of 'Pink'."

Bachchan, who also described the stabbing of a woman in full public view in New Delhi as "despicable", said people lacked the courage to come the aid of victims fearing harassment at police stations and courts.

But Pink talks about the rights of women to lodge protest during day and night hours. "Some things are common everywhere. A Swedish girl wanted to take the film (Pink) to her country. Pink has given rise to such a movement," Bachchan said adding in real life in such a situation, he would have mouthed the same lines like Pink's crusader lawyer enacted by him.