He was the Prime Minister's former director of strategy. The 20 new peers will boost the total number of peers to 850- the highest level since most hereditary peers were removed following the House of Lords Act in 1999.

Comparing the Lords with other law making bodies around the world, the House of Lords is second only to the Chinese National People's Congress, in size.

Suri is understood to have donated over 312,000 pounds to the Conservative Party both personally and through his company Oceanic Jewellers.

Suri was the founder and chairman of the British Suri, which donated 312,000 pounds to the Conservative Party, and will be one of the new peers in the British House of Lords.

Asian Conservative Link which was set up in 1998 to encourage Asians to participate more fully in political life.

Other individuals on the list include Karren Brady, the Apprentice television star and businesswoman, together with Sir Stuart Rose, the retail businessman, and Michael Farmer, the Tory party’s co-treasurer.

Six Liberal Democrat peers are expected to be appointed –including Chris Fox, the party's former chief executive.

According to the reports, three Labour peers are likely to be announced, including Michael Cashman, the former East Enders actor.

The new peers will once again ignite criticism that the House of Lords is too large and unwieldy because there is no way to force peers to retire.


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