The head unit AVH-X5890BT features 17.8 cm wide touch screen with LED  back light display, AUX input, USB port, smartphone apps compatibility,  built-in Bluetooth, Siri Voice control (through Bluetooth) and comes  with two year warranty, a company statement said.

"The company has been consistently focusing on Smartphone connectivity  through its product range. The new Pioneer's touchscreen head unit  AVH-X5890BT will be your perfect travel companion as it makes driving  enjoyable & convenient by connecting the mobile device with the car  stereo," said Gaurav Kulshrestha, manager-marketing and product  planning, Pioneer India Electronics.

The latest touch screen head unit comes with Pioneer's unique AppRadio  mode technology which is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones.  With AppRadio mode, compatible navigation and music apps can be viewed  and controlled directly from AV player's touch screen.AVH-X5890BT not only makes connectivity easy but also helps to improve  the listening experience.

 It supports FLAC files and uses Advanced Sound  Retriever technology that improves the sound quality of compressed MP3  files.

It also has Time Alignment mechanism which estimates the delay of sound  from each speaker to driver's position and adjusts speaker's output  timing, so that the sound from all speakers reach the driver's ears in  perfect sync.

Other products launched by Pioneer India Electronics include  AVH-X2890BT, AVH-189DVD, AVH-289BT and AVH-X1890DVD.