Some Like It Hot (1959): This is one of my uber-favourites rom-com. Set in 1929, it is directed by Billy Wilder and stars Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Joe E. Brown.

It is the Valentine's Day1929 in Chicago. Joe (Tony Curtis) and his friend Jerry (Jack Lemmon) are musicians who accidentally witness a mob leader kill an informer. The mob leader and his gang see them and must silence Joe and Jerry.

They have no choice but to escape the imminent death at the hands of the mob. For this they get disguised as women and rename themselves Josephine and Daphne so that can take a job with an all-female band headed to Miami. They embark on a train journey with the band where they are introduced to Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe), the band's vocalist and ukulele player.

Both Joe and Jerry compete for her affection all the while maintaining their disguises. But it is the Josephine and Daphne duo who become intimate friends with Sugar.

After reaching Miami, the band checks into a hotel where Joe woos Sugar while Jerry/Daphne bumps into Osgood Fielding III (Joe E. Brown). After a series of funny acts, it’s time for the hotel to host a conference which in reality is the assembly of the different gangs of the Mafiosi, including the gang that is desperately looking for Joe and Jerry.

After the climax full of hilarious and entertaining commotion, the identities of Josephine and Daphne are revealed and the movie ends with the Jerry/Daphne and Osgood Fielding III love-story taking one mind-blowing twist.

Rafoo Chakkar (1975): Directed by Narender Bedi, starring Rishi Kapoor (Dev), Paintal (Salim), Neetu Singh (Ritu), Rajinder Nath, and Asrani, this movie has Rishi Kapoor and Paintal reprising the roles of Josephine and Daphne. Neetu Singh does a Monroe and Rajinder Nath plays Osgood Fielding and woos Salma/Saleem brilliantly played by Paintal.

In fact, everyone has done a brilliant job. Rishi Kapoor and Paintal as drag queens have played their parts to perfection. Neetu Singh is equally good as the damsel in distress. Asrani has given one remarkable performance, what with his obsession with translating Hindi sentences in English, for e.g., main kasam khaata hun, I eat promise, and so on.
The movie ends with the much popular two word dialogue uttered by Rajinder Nath; Nobody's perfect!

Whichever you decide to watch first, non-stop laughter is certain. Even the repeat value of both is very high. Go and have your fair share of fun and laughter.

PS: This write-up is for information and fun purpose only.

Tahir Qureshi/ JPN

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