"I can assure this House that we are committed to our task of providing 24/7 power to every home and to every industrial and commercial establishment irrespective of the state and irrespective of the government in any state," Goyal during a debate on private member's resolution in Rajya Sabha.
He said government was working to address power deficit through a three-pronged strategy -- augmenting coal output, addressing transmission and distribution issues and looking at alternative avenues like renewable resources of generating green energy.
"The country is facing the crisis as a result of wrong methods adopted in allocation of coal blocks in an effort to fulfill the dream of power for all till 2012...This is the truth that I have inherited," he said, adding that as a result a large number of coal allocations were embroiled in court cases.
Besides, the CAG has pointed out flaws in coal block allocation and added that the government has accepted the challenges and was "working to solve the issues."     

All power plants coming up till March 31, 2015 should be given adequate stock of coal or an option to import, Goyal said, noting that that it was a commitment made in Budget.    

He said to enhance output the government was expediting environment and forest clearances, mining plans, land acquisition and other issues taking support from the state governments and was also looking at rationalisation of linkages which would result in saving to the tune of Rs 1,000 crore.

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