Aligarh: A government plan for promoting farming and agriculture in Uttar Pradesh has not seen the light of the day only because of the unavailability of state Agriculture Minister Laxminarayan. The officials have been waiting to find a date in the Minister busy schedule to invite him to inaugurate the plan.

The state government had decided to start a plan to promote farming by giving away tractors, cultivators, harrows and Rijmekars on rent to poor farmers. For this, five tractors, five cultivators, harrow and Rijmekar were approved for Aligarh district in the month of April.

Six committees were formed to maintain the tractors include ten members, village head and panchayat secretary. These committees will provide facility to the farmers on their demands. The committee will look after maintenance of the items with the rented money.

Despite all the elaborate and ready plans, the tractors have not been made accessible to the farmers as they were found standing in the office of the UP State Agro. These were later transported to a showroom in Khair Road.

When asked, Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture Dr Omvir Singh said, “The Agriculture Minister is the one who has dedicated this plan to the farmers. Therefore, the plan will be launched only after he gets time to inaugurate it.”