"The economic status of the people of Kolkata and Delhi are not the same. The fare of Kolkata Metro Railway cannot be similar to that of New Delhi. The fare hike as announced in Kolkata this afternoon is being put on hold," Chowdhury said.
"The issue will be discussed in a meeting either on November 4 or November 5. I will also place a few proposals for rational fare hike to the Rail Board," he said.
Metro Railway Kolkata, the first underground railway system in the country, decided to raise fares drastically after 13 years and the new fare structure was scheduled to be implemented on October 18.
It was said in a release that the minimum fare would be Rs five for a distance up to two km, for a distance between 30 km and 40 km, the fare would have been Rs 30.
Ruling Trinamool Congress and Metro Railway Passenger Association, both opposed the hike. TC leaders held demonstrations outside metro stations opposing the increase in fares.
"The hike is sudden and abnormal and we demand that the authorities discuss the issue with us," Secretary of the Passengers' Association Bhabesh Ganguly said.
He said that a memorandum has been given to Metro authorities and demanded that the hike be kept in abeyance till discussions are held between the authorities and the association.


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