Navi Mumbai: Green vibrant hills, blue skies, waterfalls gurgling all around you - no better way to spend a day in the lap of nature. Monsoons are the best time to explore the real beauty of Navi Mumbai where a number of big and small waterfalls burst forth in the rains. And the residents of the satellite city never miss a chance to make the most of it. The Pandavkada falls at Kharghar and Gavli Deo at Ghansoli MIDC are favourites with college-goers and families alike.

Pandavkada Waterfalls, Kharghar

This waterfall is the most popular picnic haunt in Navi Mumbai, thanks to the promotional efforts by the CIDCO. These waterfalls were actually used as a USP to sell houses in Kharghar. Villagers believe that Pandavkada gets its name from the Pandavas, who had once visited the place and taken bath below the falls when they were exiled in the forests. Although currently, the police and the CIDCO have made Pandavkada a no-entry zone, the crowds keep coming.

How to reach: It is situated in Kharghar. One can take Bus No. 55 from CBD or Bus No. 54 from Kharghar Railway Station to reach here or take an auto rickshaw that would cost around Rs 60 from Kharghar Railway Station.

The Gavli Deo Waterfalls, Ghansoli

This site derives its name from the local deity Gavli. The falls have a temple above it, on the hills. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has also planned to develop this area into a nature park because of its diverse flora and fauna.
How to reach: This is situated along the MIDC region of Ghansoli. Once can take Bus No 11 from the Vashi bus depot. People can also drive their own vehicles or even hire them to reach the falls.
Artists Village Waterfall


One must also not miss the beautiful site behind the Artists Village at CBD Belapur. A small waterfall with breath-taking scenic beauty and a dam developed by the CIDCO many years ago for students for educational purposes, are the main attractions here. Trekkers can also have a great time at this Hill, but under proper supervision.

How to reach: It is situated near Artist Village in the sector 8 region of CBD Belapur. One can either take an NMMT Bus No 21 or a rickshaw that will charge around Rs 15 from CBD Bus Depot.

Here is your chance to get soaked. Go ahead plan your picnic.

Waterfall Dos and Don'ts

Be careful. Waterfalls are slippery places. Too much enthusiasm or jumping about may cause you harm. Better to be safe.
Visit the Buddhist caves located on the Pandavkada Hill. They are definitely worth a dekko.

Going trekking, cycling or rappelling is also a good option. But make sure you are doing it under the guidance of an experienced trekker who knows the area and route well.

Avoid littering the place with rubbish. Make sure you carry an empty plastic bag or container to store all the remnants of your picnic and dump in a dustbin nearby.

Don't venture in too deep under the waterfall. At times, the stones you are stepping on maybe slippery. Sometimes there can be snakes lurking in the water.

Avoid consuming alcohol. Frolicking near a waterfall in an intoxicated state isn't the wisest thing to do.

Avoid venturing into the forest. Sometimes picnic enthusiasts want to go too far, literally. Forests aren't really friendly places in the monsoons. And if you don't have the experience, you are better off admiring its beauty from a distance.

Don't get into an argument with locals and other people. They will be the first to help you in case of a crisis.

(Courtesy: City Plus)