New Delhi: Polo matches are often associated with the royals or the elite. So if you are planning on attending one, let your outfit scream elegance.

Follow stylist Nisha Kundnani, who has styled actresses like Anushka Sharma and Nandita Das, to look like an elegant spectator.

- Let go of the old-age habit of matching everything from head to toe or even attempting to contrast the look. For instance, avoid coloured footwear to give a dash of colour. Carry a monotone look with confidence.

- Dresses and skirts are appropriate for sure, but if you wish to keep it traditional and elegant, don a chiffon sari with pearls or vintage jewellery. Remember, Rekha and Karisma Kapoor carrying the same look with elan in "Zubeidaa"!

- Small kitten heels and wedges are any day better than stilettos or any kind of high heels, which dig into the soil and ruin the look and make you uncomfortable.

- Don't try to dress up like cowgirls. If a woman tries to emulate how the players at the race dress, then it's simply cross-dressing.

- Hat is one of the important accessories that are apt for the occasion. You can wear those quirky head pieces by Little Shilpa label.

- If you decide to do away with the hats, do your hair in a vintage style.