Noida: In a bid to protect Hindon river from pollution and encroachments, the government has decided to grow plants alongside the river banks. Plans are afoot to carry out the plantation drive on large scale along the river.

The consultants will be roped in to decide the kind of plants and its quantity to be put along the river. They will also inform about the places where the plants would remain safe at the time of floods.

According to the sources, “The process for selecting the consultants will begin soon. They will decide the sort of plants which can grow as surroundings of the river replete with sand. So, selection of plants will require extreme caution.”

The plants grown alongside the river will virtually serve as a wall for Hindon which will help check encroachments made by the locals in addition to increasing the green cover in the vicinity of the river.

“Plants with deeper roots will be selected for the place, as they will protect sand erosion at the banks,” sources said.

Besides, the high level of pollution does not only make Hindon water unfit for human beings but also threatens aquatic life. In the light of the polluted water, such plants will have to be selected which help in increasing the quantum of oxygen.