Playing political brinkmanship at the cost of national interests, the People’s Democratic Party, the opposition party of Jammu and Kashmir, drew a map showing Aksai Chin and Karakoram as part of China, which has sent ripples across the country. This is highly objectionable and deplorable act of the PDP, which undermines sovereignty of the nation. Whatsoever may be the motive of the PDP, it undoubtedly will give push to Dragon’s posturing on Kahmir. It is worth mentioning that the role of the PDP has been dubious and unfriendly in solving the border dispute between India and Pakistan. Needles to say that China, has been promoting and supporting the fact that Kashmir is a disputed territory. China is said to be spurring the activities, orchestrated against India, going on at the Pakistan occupied Kashmir under the garb of development. On the other hand, China is underplaying on giving stapled visa to the people of Jammu Kashmir. All political parties rapped on the knuckles of the PDP for its faux pas on Kashmir issue, but this will not suffice. Albeit there should be a political and systematic condemnation to anti-national posture shown by a political party, everyone should think deeply if any political party has got right to put sovereignty of the nation at stake for getting any mileage.

The PDP has not only projected its political narrow-mindedness by showing Aksai Chin and Karakoram as part of China, but it has also done rabble rousing by convincing people that the situation of Kahsmir resembles Egypt and the Valley should follow and fight in similar fashion for freedom cause. The domino effect of Egypt was felt around the world, but the PDP leaders and particularly Mehbooba Mufti should feel that situation of Kashmir and Egypt is quite dissimilar. Doesn’t she know that dictatorship has ruled Egypt for thirty years where the Valley regales democratic establishment? It is the democratic system by which her party got power and ruled Jammu and Kashmir. It is profound irony that some other leaders too compare the Valley with Egypt. It is totally irrelevant and unacceptable. A democratic system has its own decency of transforming power and the people who ignore this merit show their sheer undemocratic mindset. It is deplorable that those who spearhead the nation are involved with deviating innocent people by inflaming their sentiments. As divisive politics reigns supreme in the country, it is need of hour that those political parties engaged in undemocratic activities, which cost national interests, should be scoffed by all and sundry.