The submission of the government into removing Dinesh Trivedi as Railway Minister is surely disappointing. But what is more baffling is that the Centre is mulling over making certain changes in the Rail Budget. It’s an irony that the Rail Budget which was hailed by the Prime Minister and considered forward looking is going to be tampered with. Making changes in the provision of the Rail Budget will mean putting an end to economic reforms. Amidst the present scenario the government will now have to think twice before bringing economic reforms to the fore as this will mean working against the interest of the country. And if the UPA sticks to power without making any reforms, this will mean wasting time and pushing itself further into trouble. The objections raised by the Trinamool over the Rail Budget and the stand taken by DMK on the Sri Lankan issue showcase that the allies put selfish needs ahead of matters of national importance. On the other hand the submission of the UPA into the demands made by its allies proves that it can go to any extent to remain in power even if it means putting issues of national interest on hold.
The government seems to have become spineless. If that is not the case, why is it giving in to the unjust demands of its coalition partners? This is in no way going to strengthen the party and enhance its reputation. Will this attitude adopted by the UPA make it a stronger force in the upcoming general elections? The drubbing received by the Congress in the recently concluded assembly elections vividly indicates that the party has lost its sheen and the faith of the common man. No matter what the policy makers of the UPA believe but after the Rail Budget fiasco it is futile to assume that the government is capable enough to safeguard the interests of the country. If the Congress wants to emerge as a strong force in the future, it has to confront the truth and shun the unjust demands made by its coalition partners.