According to a new study, 25 percent kids two years old and younger have their own smartphones, which parents say is used as a learning tool for their kids, reports said.
However, experts say it is too young an age for children to be utilizing this type of technology. Also, they say that it is not a tool for learning rather a tool for distraction.
Experts are concerned because this type of smartphone use, at such a young age, can impede early development in areas that would impact the children for the rest of their lives.
Since childhood is a time for serious brain development, children could face problems with their basic social, verbal and learning skills.
Psychiatrist Gail Saltz said, “These years are the years that you need to be developing vocabulary, which means speaking and listening, so if you're engaged in a gadget, you're really minimizing that."

Saltz said that parents should realize that a smartphone is "structured time" and does not allow for free thinking.


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