PJ Thomas, involved in Palmolein scam, feels no qualm in justifying his appointment for the post of CVC and patting himself as most suitable bureaucrat for the slot. There is no merit in his plea that if tainted MP can continue his tenure, why not he? Going by his proposition, it is crystal clear that he accepts his blotted image. It is profound irony that even after accepting his shoddy image indirectly, Thomas is adamant on his claim as a CVC. He needs to learn that leaders and bureaucrats could not be compared nor do bureaucrats come under the gamut of People’s Representation Act. Thomas should be in the know that the People’s Representation Act is only meant for those who contest election, not for bureaucrats. One holds the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner is supposed to take action against those who are involved in malpractices, but Thomas is describing his tainted image as a qualification. It is disappointing that the people sitting at high pedestal could stoop so low. He is not only taking the shield of corrupt MPs but also cashing in on the incoherent area of rules. The Central dispensation should be ashamed of appointing him as a CVC who is giving such a flimsy logic to defend himself. Giving such irrational logic for defending his position, Thomas has himself proved that he is the most unfit for the CVC.

It is irony that Thomas states that he is the most suitable figure for the CVC, and the Central government is trying to convince judiciary and others that it has not done anything wrong to have appointed Thomas as a CVC. It seems that ministers and mandarins do not care the shagging image of the government. The policy makers accept that the image of the government is plummeting owing to scams and scandals, but they are not taking any step to corroborate its credibility. Hardly the dust of a scam settles down, when another one crops up. There is another S-band scam, bigger than 2G, rattling the government. However, the Centre dubbed the allegation of irregularities found in the allocation of S-band groundless, people will hardly buy this conviction.   The country unambiguously understands that the ruling government has awfully flunked to checkmate surging corruption.