Jaya Bachchan said, "Please stop taking pictures. I hate it because it's right into my eyes. These are basic manners which Indians have to learn. Just because you have a camera and a mobile, you get the freedom of take anyone's picture anytime, without asking that person! These are basic educations that all colleges and schools and parents at home should teach their children."

After a point, Jaya Bachchan was so irritated that she stopped the discussion abruptly and said, "Aap photo kheech lijiye phir main baat karungi (You click photos, then I will talk)."

Jaya Bachchan added, "It's very annoying. I have a freedom to say no from being photographed. I am trying to chat here. You are sitting right in front of me clicking right into my eyes. I hate indiscipline."

This is not the first time Jaya Bachchan has lost her cool at a public event. In 2013, Jaya Bachchan slammed a journalist who was addressing Aishwarya Rai as Aish. She corrected him saying, "Was she your classmate? Call her Aishwarya!"

Recently, Ameesha Patel too yelled at journalists and told them to call her 'Ameeshaji'.

Courtesy: Mid Day

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