In Uttar Pradesh, nearly Rs 3,000 crore of National Rural Health Mission is reported to have been strategically bungled. Given the size of the scam, this is sheer a drain of funds which sanctioned for patient welfare activities. If such a colossal fund has been mishandled over the period of 5-6 years, it drives home message that such situation was willingly created under the purview of high-ups, so, everyone could plunder the NRHM fund with impunity. It is highly shocking that the state government could not wake up from its deep slumber even when the two CMOs (family welfare department of NRHM) were killed. After this shocking incident, the state government made its two ministers put in papers instead of getting to the bottom of sordid saga. It is crystal clear that without the intervention of judiciary, the investigation of the misuse of NRHM’s fund would not have been handed over to the CBI. It is does not look significant that the state government is ready to probe the matter through the CAG after getting beleaguered with caustic comments from all quarters regarding the siphoning off the fund. The nub of the matter is why the state machinery kept its eyes closed on the bungling of fund and even the Centre did not bother to take stock of uses of the fund for welfare scheme.

This is not the first time that irregularities on large-scale in the Central schemes have been brought to light but the state government is compelled to take a defensive stroke. MGNREGS, Mid-day Meal and other Centre-oriented schemes are said to be worked with malpractices. If such flagship schemes of the Central government abound with graft and sleaze, then the fate of other schemes could be just imagined. The irregularities in all the Centre-backed welfare and development schemes are going on across the nation, but there is hoopla when the big case is unearthed. The Centre and states are in the know that public funds are being embezzled in the name of welfare schemes, but no concrete effort is made to curb the illegal activities. The matter of misusing the NRHM fund is hotting up in the political gallery, but there is a least chance that any mechanism would be evolved to check the ongoing episode of scams and scandals.