New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday asked security agencies to improve their professional standards and build better infrastructure to counter terrorists who have acquired State-like military capabilities in their fighting strategies and tactics.

"The number of important dignitaries at risk from terrorists has also been rising and this is a cause for major concern for Governments across the globe," he said addressing the 26th Raising Day of Special Protection Group (SPG).

He said India is no exception particularly since it has been fighting cross-border terrorism for almost three decades.

Singh said that the threat of terrorism today has acquired new dimensions and it recognised no borders and transcends geographical limits and constraints.

"The new generation of terrorists possesses far greater capability to create networks for sharing knowledge, skills and resources. They have acquired State-like military capabilities in many of their fighting strategies and tactics," the Prime Minister said.

Though the role of internal security agencies in the country in ensuring peace and stability was better appreciated today than ever before, he said there was no doubt that the police and security authorities could be much more effective by improving their professional standards and build more appropriate and better infrastructure.