New Delhi: Taking a dig at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister P Chidambaram over the 2G spectrum allocation row, former Law Minister and member of Team Anna Shanti Bushan on Monday asked both the ministers to accept their responsibility towards the lackadaisical approach leading to the severe scam and demanded from them to tender their resignation. 

Shanti Bhushan said that the UPA government must not celebrate the verdict of the trial court that dismissed plea making Home Minister guilty in the 2G issue and demanded the resignation of Chidambaram and also asked the Prime Minister to tender his resignation.

Bhushan, a senior lawyer in the Supreme Court, said, “The Apex Court has ruled that Chidambaram being the then Finance Minister in 2008, was equally responsible for making crucial decisions in the allocation of spectrum licences. Hence, his reluctance in the entire episode is very clear. So, he must step down.”

He further said that Chidambaram is also responsible for the decision to fix the pricing for the 2G licences which were decided on 2001 rates.

“The decisions for allocating 2G licences at 2001 rates in 2008 and permitting the telecom firms possessing the allocated licencesto sell their equities at higher rates to other companies  was approved by Chidambaram,” he said adding, “These decisions were against the proposed telecom policies”.

He also said that there are not enough evidences against the then Finance Minister to make him co-accused in the scam but his laxity in the matter is clear.

Applauding the SC’s decision to cancel 122 2G licences allocated to several telecom giants, Bhushan said, “The Apex Court has ruled that the ineffective decisions in the biggest scam has extended highest amount of losses to the country.”

Condemning the Prime Minister for not restricting Raja in taking disastrous decisions Bhushan said, “It is not acceptable on the part of the head of the state to make such remarks. How can his government allow losses to the public exchequer worth crores for only to continue in power? The Prime Minister must step down.”

(JPN/ Bureau)