Kabul: Denouncing all forms of terrorism and extremism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is on a two-day visit to Afghanistan, said that such ideologies provide no answers to problems of the people and their flames should not be allowed to be fanned once again.

Addressing the Afghan Parliament, Singh said the aspirations of the region for growth and prosperity cannot be realised unless there is peace and tranquility that would allow people to live and work with honour and dignity.

"The people of this region have lived together for centuries. This is our region and we have to survive together and flourish together," Singh said as he wound up his two-day visit to Afghanistan.

Referring to the pain and suffering of Afghan people, he said: "terrorism and extremism are alien ideas to our people. They bring only death and destruction in their wake. They provide no answers to the problems of poverty, illiteracy, hunger and disease."

Asserting that such ideologies have no place in a civilised society, Singh said, "eventually, our centuries old traditions of peaceful co-existence, of living in peace and harmony with each other and with nature will prevail over these deviant ideologies."

In his 25-minute speech which was applauded repeatedly by the 354 Afghan MPs, he emphasised "we cannot and must not allow the flames of extremism and terrorism to be fanned once again."