“During the tenure of last 10 years of UPA rule, its endeavors towards fight against corruption have undergone transformation with time and requirement.” said Singh.
"In This process of change, new laws have been enacted to ensure probity, transparency and accountability in administration," Singh added.

Citing statutes like the Right to Information Act and the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, he said that, there have been very vigorous debate on corruption in the country in which civil society and media were active participants, he added.

"I believe that these debates happened for the good. It led to increase of awareness amongst the people in concern to their rights and responsibilities," he said.

Singh said, "In the past few years, we have been witnessing arrays of very vigorous public debate in our country on matters relating to corruption, with loads of accusations flying thick and fast.

"While informed discussion on such matters is certainly desirable, much often we see a trivialization of complex public policy issues.

This is accompanied by unwarranted condemnation of the decisions taken and imputation of guilt on the part of decision makers," the Prime Minister said, noting that "there is a need to change this state of affairs."



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