Onus on states to control communal violence

Underlining that the onus for preventing communal violence lies with the states, he said effective steps should be taken by the administration to ensure that small issues don't snowball into a big controversy.

Sinister motive behind communal riots: HM

"The state government should lose no time to control communal violence sternly. The local administration should prevent a small issue from snowballing into a huge controversy and arrest those responsible for spreading it," Singh said inaugurating the 16th National Integration Council meeting.

Vote bank politics responsible for communal tensions: MP CM

"The state should use all means at its disposal to punish those guilty for fanning communal violence and ensure a speedy crackdown on such elements irrespective of their political affiliations or influence," the Prime Minister said.

Meeting in aftermath of Muzaffarnagar riots

The Prime Minister said that the meeting assumes significance as it was being held in the aftermath of communal clashes in Muzzafarnagar which claimed nearly 50 lives and damaged property worth lakhs of crores of rupees.

Communal violence cannot be allowed to spread: Bihar CM

He said the country had witnessed communal clashes recently in Kishtwar area of Jammu and Kashmir, Nawada area of Bihar, Hyderabad and most importantly Uttar Pradesh which has seen an increase in these incidents in the past few months.

"At times, the anti-national forces succeed in creating a communal divide between various sections of people and such forces are a big challenge for the democracy of this country," the Prime Minister said and called for effective handling of such forces with an iron hand.

Carelessness not to be tolerated

He said that the state governments should make it clear to its officials that "carelessness will not be tolerated" whenever communal tension takes places in their area of jurisdiction. "They (officials) are answerable in case of any communal tension or violence," he said.

"In actual, nobody gets benefits from communal discord. Such things put a question mark on the very existence of a civilized nation like ours," he said.

"I appeal to parties and media that they should refrain from giving any political colour or taking any political mileage from such incidents," Singh said.

With the global world shrinking because of cyber space, social media has been used by some anti-social and anti-national forces to circulate fake videos for creating hatred among communities. The social media was used to terrorize people in the northeast.

He said that there was a fine line dividing free use of expression on social media. "While it is necessary to continue the use of social media for strengthening brotherhood, it is equally important to ensure that anti-national elements don't misuse the medium," he said.


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