The centrally air-conditioned office building can accommodate about 600 officials of the ministry.

"The building is expected to be a trend setter in the country and shall inspire people towards adoption of green technology," an official release said.

It is said that effective ventilation has been provided in the building by orienting it in the east-west direction, separating different blocks with connecting corridors and having a large central courtyard.

"The design is such that 75 percent of natural daylight is utilised to reduce energy consumption," the release said.

It is acknowledged that 40 percent of energy which has been saved is because of adoption of energy efficient chilled beam system of air conditioning in which cooling takes place by convection currents rather than air flow through diffusers.

"With an installed capacity of 930 KW peak power, the building has the largest roof top accumulating solar system among multi-storey buildings in India," the release said.


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