The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has been out of power in the national capital for the last 16 years, is hoping to gain majority in the 70-member House.

Drawing a parallel with the telecom sector, Modi pointed out that competition would be triggered if people get to choose their discom. PM Modi said the competition would also bring down tariffs, as had happened in the telecom sector.

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Congratulating the people of Jammu and Kashmir for reposing faith in democracy by turning out in large numbers during last month's assembly elections, PM Modi said the state, which at one point of time did not record even two percent votes, saw a 65-70 percent turnout.

He said this was despite every move by separatist forces to malign India internationally.

Hinting at the earlier rule of the Hooda and the Chautala families, Modi complimented the people of Haryana for voting the BJP to power and freeing the state from dynastic politics.

Without naming Kejriwal or his party, Modi said at a rally here that if the AAP leader wants to be an "anarchist" as he has claimed to be, he should go to jungles to join naxals as Delhi cannot have anarchy. Kejriwal had said about a year ago that he is an "anarchist".

During the 30-minute address, he suggested that Kejriwal has "mastery" in "lies" and dharnas and protests and should be given that role only and that power should be given to BJP which has "mastery" in administration.

At the rally at Ramlila Ground attended by all three new BJP Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand, Modi sought a clear mandate for his party to ensure allround development and create a "new" Delhi.

Delhi, which is under President's Rule, is expected to have Assembly polls next month.

Promising to take Delhi to new heights of development, the Prime Minister said people here will be given an option of choosing their power service provider on the lines of mobile number portability and pledged to make Delhi slum-free by 2022.

He also promised to usher in a corruption-free system, saying it has been started at the top and gradually it will reach down to colonies.

In a apparent reference to Kejriwal's comment made almost a year back that he was an anarchist, Modi said "if somebody is an anarchist, he should go to the jungles and join the naxals. Do not allow Delhi's pride to be affected by anarchy. Delhi will not benefit from it."


Apparently referring to resignation by Kejriwal government on February 14 last year after being in power for 49 days, he said, "people should punish those because of whom one year of Delhi was wasted."

Committing to provide a corruption-free society, Modi said he already commenced the cleansing from the top and asked if anyone has heard any complaint about him ever since he took over as Prime Minister some seven months back.

"Trust me, I will clean up the system. I have started from the top and I will take it to the bottom. People take money from auto drivers, shopkeeper, the poor people...It will all stop," the Prime Minister said.

Reaching out to the vast slum population, he promised to replace the slums with concrete houses by 2022, saying "your dream is my dream." He said steps have already been initiated in this regard by the Urban Development Ministry.

"So far 11 crore accounts have been opened as against the target of 7 crore by January 26," he said adding though people had an option of opening zero-balance accounts, Rs 8,500 crore were deposited by them. In Delhi alone, 19.50 lakh accounts were opened under the scheme," he said.

Taking a dig at the Congress over its claim of standing by the poor, he said "who was running government for the rich and who is running government for the poor has been proved by the Jan Dhan scheme."

Promising 24 hour power supply to Delhi, Modi said he will rid the city of generators which will also ensure a cleaner environment. "We will shut the voice of generators in Delhi. It will also help clean up the air by reducing poisonous gases."

He said BJP was all set to take some "revolutionary steps" in Delhi which no one can even think of and talked about portability of choosing power service providers on the line of mobile number portability.

Without naming anybody, the Prime Minister said a "factory of lies" has come up in the city and rumours are being spread that if BJP comes to power, the retirement age of government employees will be reduced from the current 60 to 58 years.

He said those spreading lies cannot be defeated by anybody except the people and asked the voters to do so.

"The government never thought about it and never spoke about it. And still a lie is being spread. Every day a new lie is being manufactured. Spreading lies is their job and their politics. Modi can never back stab anyone. Elect a good government in Delhi. Give us a clear mandate," he told the gathering.

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