PM Modi sealed 26 deals with China and seven with South Korea. He announced USD one billion credit line to Mongolia.

PM Modi during the tour wooed investors from China and South Korea promised to give "personal attention" to making conditions "more conducive" for them to do business in India. He said his government is working aggressively to make India a very easy place to do business.

Promising business tycoons a more stable, predictable and transparent taxation system, he outlined the steps taken by his government, including fast tracking of approvals in industry and infrastructure, and liberalisation of FDI.

"I invite you to India to see the change. We are also prepared to work with you in making conditions more conducive for you," Modi said.

"India is also a land of enabling policy environment. Moreover, there is renewed commitment of my Government for changing the face of the country...there is a lot we do together", he added.
Warning that "rivalries" will hold Asia back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said countries of the region should collectively tackle challenges like terrorism, an endeavour in which India will assume its responsibility.

"If Asia must rise as one, Asia should no longer think of itself in regional fragments," Modi said addressing the Asian Leadership Forum in South Korean capital Seoul.

"Asia of rivalries will hold us back. Asia of unity will shape the world," he said while making a strong pitch for collective efforts by the regional countries for prosperity and inclusive growth.

The Prime Minister said it is the "collective task" of countries in the region to fight against the common challenges of terrorism, trans-national crimes, natural disasters and diseases.

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