"The words in their dictionary are over, and every new day, they are hurling fresh abuses. I wonder how the people who have ruled Bihar for so many years are making such statements. Why have they stooped to such levels?" asked Prime Minister Modi.

"I was thinking about the reason behind this, the reason is not because Modi has made any mistake or done anything wrong. The reason is they are not able to digest your love for Modi. It seems your love for Modi prompts them to make such statements. The way your love for me is increasing, so are their abuses for me," he added.

Asserting that the NDA is running a successful election campaign in the poll-bound state, Prime Minister Modi asked Nitish the reason behind his anger and advocated that there is a win and a defeat in every election.

"Nitish Babu (Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar), there is a win and a defeat in every election. Why are you getting so livid? Now, that you are tired of hurling abuses at Modi, you have begun abusing the Biharis. After getting tired of making accusations against Modi, you have begun accusing the Biharis. Nitish Babu, the insult of the Biharis will cost you heavily," he said.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the manner in which the leaders of the grand alliance are reacting shows how popular the NDA is among the people.

"They have alleged that people who come in Modi rallies are brought after paying money. Isn't this an insult to all Biharis? They will pay a price for it. Nitish Babu (Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar) call me whatever you want to, but don't hurt the sentiments of Biharis," he said.

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