PM Modi also gifted Irish premier Enda Kenny a specially handcrafted piece of silver, marble and roughly-hewn sandstone rock that imagines the Irish symbol of shamrock as a votive candle-stand or an 'aarti' lamp, with a peacock perched by the side of shamrock leaves, along with silver-tipped crystal dewdrops signifying serenity and purity.
The original manuscripts and papers which PM Modi presented to Kenny are preserved in the National Archives of India. Born in Dublin, Oldham (1816-1878) was appointed as geological surveyor in 1850 to conduct a survey in India and his services were placed with the then Government of Bengal.
He assumed charge in March 1851 and his joining day is celebrated as the foundation day of the Geological Survey of India. Apart from conducting the first systematic coal mapping of India – and later initiating mapping of other minerals – he wrote extensively on the fossils of India.
Grierson (1851-1941) was an Irish civil servant and philologist who, starting 1898, conducted the first Linguistic Survey of India. The Survey was later published over several years during 1903-28.


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