"We need to bare in mind that with regards to comments on tolerance, the Prime Minister has been consistence. He has been speaking on the need for the tolerant society and he has been speaking of his commitment to the constitution to India from day one. There is no change in that stance and the government of India is in no way involved in any intolerant incident," said BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli to reporters here.

"So, those who make political capital have to bare in mind that the Prime Minister and the government will work according to the constitution and they don't need to make political capital unnecessary that hurts India's image," he added.

Also describing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's UK visit as a vital one, Kohli said it consolidates cooperation between both countries and provides scope for a lot of work.

"It is definitely an important visit and it consolidates co-oporation between India and UK in terms of economic issue, terrorism. The United Kingdom is supporting India's candidature for the permanent member of the UN security council. So, there is a lot of scope of work," he added.

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