He specifically mentioned defence, urban development, railways and healthcare as some of the sectors where the world could look at India as he cited liberalisation in norms like raising the cap for foreign investment in insurance to 49 percent and 100 percent in certain segments of railways.

Modi underlined that he wants the maximum investment and technology to be given to India so that the poorest of the poor get jobs and the youth are not compelled to leave the country to work abroad.

"The world is not aware of the greatness of India, leave alone its capabilities. I want the world to understand that and recognise that. I can assure you that the day will not be far when the world will both understand and recognise India's potential," Modi said addressing a congregation of NRIs here.

Talking about his discussions in Paris over the last two days, he said he had invited French companies to invest in India and give technology.

"There are immense opportunities in India. All that is available in the world, should be in India and much more," the Prime Minister said.

Modi said he wants countries to compete among themselves in terms of doing business in India, contending that it will be beneficial for not only India but the entire world.

Giving an example, he said, "the population in the whole world is ageing and whatever units any country might set up anywhere, they would not be able to find workers for them after 20 years. The only place that they can find workers will be India as this is the only country with the largest young population. So, I want to tell the world, why wait for 20 years? Come now."

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