"20-22 years of recording by Akashwani and keeping track of it is indeed commendable. So, this digital compilation of Ramcharitmanas by All India Radio (AIR) officials is an inspiration for others," Prime Minister Modi said.

"Our family values are something that is admired by the world, even envied. The Ramcharitmanas speaks about family values," he said.

Describing the reach and popularity of Akashwani as huge, Prime Minister Modi said there are some values and things that have a strength of their own that never shows signs of dwindling.

"People who went as labourers to far off countries over 100 years ago, took the Ramcharitmanas with them and this allowed them to maintain their links with India," said Modi.

"The Ramcharitmanas is a reflection of our culture, traditions and our songs and hymns," he added.

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