He appreciated the cooperation and efforts of all political parties in trying to reach a peaceful solution to the unrest that has gripped the valley for over a month now. PM Modi mentioned his interactions with various parties and said that this has sent out a very strong and positive message to the world, separatists, and the people of Kashmir.

He termed his interaction in a précis and amalgamation of just two, yet very powerful words–Unity and Compassion!

                                               “Ekta and Mamata was the crux of all interactions I had recently on Kashmir situation.”

Prime Minister said that the entire nation of 125 crore and from village head to the Prime Minister agree unanimously that every single life that is lost in the Kashmir valley, whether be of a local youth or a security personnel, is India’s personal loss.

             “Those who are trying to disrupt peace in Kashmir by instigating innocent young children, they will have to reply to these young children.”

PM Modi concluded his address by reminding the diversity of India. He urged the people to support the powers that consolidate the unity of the country.

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