In a pep-up up talk at Congress Executive meet in the key state of Uttar Pradesh, where Congress is reduced to fourth position, Rahul invoked Steve Jobs' efforts to revive a floundering Apple and said the party-men should work unitedly as a team so that they can fill the void that will be created after 'exit' of Modi, who was 'harming himself the most'.
The Congress Vice President said that everybody has 'Congress DNA' and ideologically the party still occupies the first position as it is not like RSS 'in which everything is decided from the top'.
He said that the Prime Minister has not fulfilled his poll promises and is 'damaging himself' much more than Congress could have inflicted on him. "He has promised good days to farmers. Now farmers are committing suicide. Wherever I go in the country, the farmers are abusing Modiji. They are not criticising but abusing. Youths are not getting jobs and despite making repeated promises thrice, OROP has not been given yet,” he said.
"Modi is damaging himself much more than we can together do to him. We have to make our place. Modiji is bound to go down but when he goes, we have to fill that space. You may keep on attacking Modi but Modi is attacking himself much more," Rahul said.
The Congress Vice President, who has frequently taunted the PM with his 'suit-boot' barbs, had yesterday attacked Modi over 'Make in India' initiative, saying it was 'Take in India' in reality. Telling party workers that everybody has 'Congress DNA' in their blood, Rahul today said that they need to motivate people to work and fight together, and gave a message of unity to revive the party that has lost much of its base in the key Hindi belt state.

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