Abruptly ending a string of national and state election victories, BJP was thrashed in the capital this month, a defeat many blamed on a perception that Modi was tacitly fanning Hindu extremists.
"The Delhi election results ended the party's honeymoon period with a jolt," a senior BJP leader in New Delhi said, asking not be identified as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

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"If we don't start the damage control and make immediate corrections, defeat in other state elections is imminent," he said.

In the space of a week, Modi, who rarely attends events organised by minorities, delivered a long-awaited speech about inter-faith tolerance to a Christian congregation.
Leaders of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad associated with the BJP have cautioned members across the country against making comments that "hurt Narendra Modi's image".

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A saint-like bust of the Prime Minister was removed from a temple in his home state of Gujarat after he tweeted his disapproval, and a designer suit he wore to meet US President Barack Obama is being auctioned for charity.
The navy blue outfit, embroidered with gold pinstripes bearing Modi's name, was mocked by Modi's opponents, and even the party faithful said it undermined the voter-friendly narrative of Modi's humble beginnings as the son of a tea seller.

"Modi's image as a son of a tea vendor was his trump card," said a senior election campaign adviser to the party.

"Voters admired his simplicity, but now he is viewed as a flashy leader," he said.

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