He advocated the need for use of khadi products as a homage to Mahatma Gandhi and impressed upon the people to generate confidence among themselves, including the specially-abled children.

Promising to make the radio broadcast a regular affair, Modi invited ideas from the citizens while noting that he had been receiving a number of suggestions since it was announced that he would be addressing the nation over radio.

In his 15-minute address, he sought to motivate people to recognise their capabilities and use them.

"You know, our scientists have undertaken the Mars mission successfully at minimum expenses. There is nothing lacking in our capabilities. We only have forgotten our strengths. We have forgotten ourselves as if we have become despondents. My brothers and sisters, this cannot be," he said.

"We need to recognise our internal strengths," the Prime Minister said while narrating a short story of Swami Vivekananda about how a lion brought up by sheep rediscovered his prowess after coming in touch with another lion.

"If we move ahead with self-respect and right identity, we will emerge victorious," he said.

He also referred to Mahatma Gandhi, whose birth anniversary was celebrated on Thursday, and impressed upon people to use at least one khadi product, may it be a handkerchief or even a bedsheet. It will benefit the poor, the PM said.

In the 'Mann ki Baat' programme that coincided with Dussehra, the Prime Minister said, "the 125 crore Indians are blessed with immense skill and strength. All we need to do is to understand our strengths."

He cited some suggestions received by him through emails, which included that skill development should start from 5th Standard, special programmes for specially-abled children to motivate them, more dustins, ban on polythene and making easier the registration of small scale industries.

"If you have ideas and actual incidents which are constructive, do share with me. Together let us serve India and take our Nation to newer heights," Modi said.

Referring to the specially-abled children, he said they should be a part of the development journey as the nation belongs to everyone.

"They are the responsibility of not only their families but the entire society," he said.

Appreciating the suggestion for special programmes for the specially-abled children, Modi recalled his days as Gujarat Chief Minister and said "we began Khel Mahakumbh for specially-abled athletes and I myself would go and see the sports."

He also said he would consider the suggestion for making it easier for registration of small scall industries.

Modi referred to the 'swachh bharat' campaign launched on Thursday by him and noted that he had invited participation of nine people, each of whom should rope in nine more, who will involve nine more and so on, to create a chain.

"Let us pledge to affirm to remove dirt. Yesterday we began the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan & I want you all to join this Abhiyaan," he said.


The Prime Minister said that he keeps laying emphasis on 125 crore citizens of the country because till now there has been a mindset that the government will do everything.

"We have seen where we stand. If we have to move ahead, 125 crore Indians will have to act," he said.
To press his point, Modi narrated another story regarding a person who sat on the wayside and kept asking several people the way to his destination, but was told the correct path only when he got up to walk.

"Till we don't decide to get up and walk, we won't find guides to show us the way," he added.

While emphasising on greater participation of common people, the Prime Minister said the country belongs to not only the government but everyone.

Modi referred to his first radio talk on 'Vijaydashmi' as an "auspicious beginning" and said he would keep interacting on radio on Sundays, perhaps once or twice a month.

Explaining his decision to address the nation over radio, he said it is such a simple medium and through the broadcast he would be able to reach far and wide and the homes of the poor.

"The strength of the country is in the huts of the poor, the strength of my country lies in villages, the strength of my country in mothers, sisters, youth and farmers. The country will progress on the basis of your strength, this I believe in. I have faith in your strength, so I believe in the future of India," he said.

While talking about more use of khadi, Modi said, "If you buy khadi, you light the lamp of prosperity in the house of a poor person."

Modi's address, which had been recorded exclusively by All India Radio, was also telecast by Doordarshan which aired the audio feed along with a visual of the Prime Minister on its screen.

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