"PM Modi's current concern is all about foreign affairs and speaking out his mind (Mann Ki Baat) to people of foreign countries rather than listening to the voices of the people of the country who have made him the prime minister with high hopes and expectations that 'acche din' would come," Gogoi said in a statement here.  
Instead of making grandiose trips abroad, PM Modi should primarily focus on running the affairs of the country, he said. Gogoi further said PM Modi focused more on foreign policy than concentrating on national issues on which he rode to power.   
"The rise in religious intolerance in the country with attempts to curb freedom of expression and the autonomy for educational and other institutions, the present dispensation at the Centre has dented the image of the country like never before," Tarun Gogoi said.   
Though PM Modi had been projecting India's inherent strength of 'unity in diversity' abroad, the chilling aspects of this year where religious tolerance was undermined and attempts were made to curb freedom of expression had dented the global image of the country, he said.

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